Bruce and Vicki Kinzy

July 20, 1963

Happy 36th Anniversary!

Bruce and Vicki

This is a tribute to 36 years of marriage between our parents, Bruce and Vicki Kinzy. Our society tends to downplay marriage and staying with one person for the majority of your life. However, here is a perfect example of what two people can become together. From that first kiss as a married couple in the 1960s through entry into the 21st century, Bruce and Vicki (Mom... andad) have shown how special it is to share your life with one person. They have a family of four children, now expanded to eight children (with the addition of spouses). It's only a matter of time before their lives resurface in the next generation of the family. Here's our joy, our love, our celebration for our most delightful example of marriage and togetherness - Mom and Dad - Happy Anniversary!!!

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